Visualised: New truck and bus sales

Truck and bus sales a mixed bag

Truck and bus sales and exports provide some indication as to the state of local and African economies. The below graphs provide some clarity to the numbers being reported to NAAMSA.

It is fair to say that it is currently a used vehicle market in South Africa and that new truck and bus sales are unlikely to change dramatically (at least not upwards!) in the short term.

August domestic sales of new light commercial vehicles, bakkies, and minibuses at 13 542 units have held up relatively well, reflecting a minor decline of 140 units or 1.0% compared to the 13 682 light commercial vehicles sold during the corresponding month last year.

Sales of vehicles in the medium and heavy truck segments of the industry at 759 units and 1 489 units respectively, reflected a mixed picture.

In the case of medium commercial vehicles, new vehicle sales were down 123 units or 13.9%.

In the case of heavy trucks and buses, a marginal decline of 9 vehicles or 0.6% was recorded compared to the corresponding month last year.

Please note: All truck and bus sales data is supplied by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturer’s of South Africa (NAAMSA).

Unfortunately, not all manufacturer’s are represented here, including major player Daimler Truck & Bus Southern Africa.

lcv sales
The South African LCV market has been comparatively flat in 2016. We could always do with a bit more as the saying goes!
LCV Exports
LCV exports climbed steadily in the first half of the year before dipping and then accelerating hard in recent months.
MCV Sales
The South African MCV market continues to recover from the April dip. MCV category includes panel vans which tends to distort the picture somewhat.
MCV Eports
MCV exports have fallen off a cliff after peaking in May. What can be done?
HCV sales
The South African HCV market has been resilient in 2016. Is an upward trend possible in the next few months?
HCV Exports
There’s been a marked rise in HCV exports in recent months. Can the momentum continue?
EHCV sales
The South African EHCV market has been fairly consistent in 2016 – so far. Will it finish strong?
Bus sales
The South African bus market has had it’s ups and downs this year. Can it recover again?
truck sales
Bus exports have taken a dive since March/April. What will the rest of the year bring?

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