UD Trucks Reach Out to Emerging Farmers at Expo

UD Trucks Southern Africa recently participated in the African Farmers Workshop and Expo, held over three days at the Johannesburg Expo Centre.

Aimed at promoting and empowering emerging African farmers of South Africa, the show facilitated various training and skills development workshops, while showcasing a variety of business opportunities within the local agricultural sector.

UD Trucks hosted several workshops on the basics of trucking, advising participants on just what it takes to be a successful transport operator within the agricultural sector.

“Although the trucking industry remains one of the most dynamic and rewarding industries in the country, it poses many challenges at the same time,” said Rory Schulz, general manager of corporate planning and marketing at UD Trucks Southern Africa.  “It gets especially critical to have all the basic knowledge of the trucking industry if you wish to transport your own goods as a result of your farming activities.”

Schulz said that those wishing to enter the industry need to make numerous tough and important decisions, and be at the constant mercy of the unstable economic environment. However, with some assistance from the experts, all these challenges can be overcome.

The company’s workshop at the expo outlined and explored the opportunities which exist for newcomers to the trucking industry.  Schulz also advised participants on choosing the right vehicles for their requirements.  Furthermore, insight were given into the cost of operating a truck, overhead expenses, methods in which to manage one’s truck, and advice on how to survive in the trucking industry.

“UD Trucks’ overriding commitment is to develop, manufacture and distribute products of the highest quality that precisely meet the various requirements of customers in Southern Africa. In the process, we also aim to ensure they receive the best service and support from our nationwide dealer network,” said Schulz.


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