Truck driving a tough job

Truck driving isn’t for everyone

Drivers are probably the most neglected group of people in the trucking industry.

Truck driving is a tough job. Imagine sitting behind a steering wheel with a gross combination mass of 56-tonnes, doing 15-hour shifts at 80km/h.

Imagine driving to Cape Town at 80km/h in your car. Imagine what you’d feel like when you get there. It’ll blow your minds what it is to travel so slowly for so long. Are truck drivers good at it? Can they do it? Most definitely. Does fatigue set in? Without doubt.

I’ve had the privilege of driving trucks long distance. Trust me, by the time you get to Bloemfontein on the way to Cape Town, green band driving and selecting the right gears are out of the window. You just simply don’t care. Truck driving is a tough, tough, business to be in and I don’t think drivers get the credit that is due to them.

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They also don’t get the training that is due to them or advice on health and proper fatigue management. After fifteen hours behind a truck steering wheel, do you think that truck driver’s reactions are good? Do you think he’s going to be able to stop in time and make the right decisions?

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There are many transport companies that push drivers for 20 or 23 hours. If you want the job, you drive. That’s the reality we are facing.

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