Transport industry heads towards PBS

SA innovates with special vehicles

In South Africa, we run 30-metre road trains with a maximum payload of up to 72-tonnes GCM (while the country’s prescriptive standards are 22.5m and 56-tonnes respectively).

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We run 15-tonnes extra payload on certain routes and we’re running bi-articulated buses, which is a PBS standard. Through Performance-Based Standards, we are increasing payload, reducing road wear, improving efficiencies and reducing carbon footprint. And we are operating fewer vehicles.

In fact, we’re running vehicles in South Africa that the Swedes are trying to emulate (EU countries are governed by the OECD in terms of their prescriptive standards).

South Africa is a pioneer in transport innovation.

But, being able to run these types of vehicles requires RTMS certification because, without RTMS, operators have no measurement tool to achieve its safer vehicles, drivers, roads and roads objectives.

So if you want to start running PBS vehicles, you have to have met the highest standards we’ve got for road transport in South Africa: SANS 1395.

That is where we are going. That’s innovation. 

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