Snapcart powers AB InBev transport sourcing

Snapcart reducing transport inefficiencies

Anheuser-Busch InBev will soon introduce a new web and mobile App-based online quoting platform, powered by Snapcart.

This will allow the company to communicate its ad-hoc transport requirements to its service providers (transporters).

It will also improve a process in which information was not always timeous, comparable or sufficiently transparent. However, the main purpose is to simplify and speed up communication processes between the company’s Johannesburg and Mauritius offices, and its operational service providers.

The solution is extremely user-friendly, allowing one to easily manage all transportation activities from a single centralized location, including dispatch, carrier rate selection and tracking and tracing. Furthermore, it allows users to rate the quality of different service providers.

It also supports a variety of shipment types, allowing the user to choose from different options based on the shipment type selected. Further benefits include the addition of metrics and big data analytics (powerful reports).

Snapcart, which specialises in supply chain intelligence, will provide ABInBev with consolidated data to better plan and execute deliveries, thereby saving it time and money.

“Reducing excess capacity while making trucking more efficient has been our goal from the beginning. We are eyeing the logistics industry for opportunities to digitalize various processes,” explains Snapcart managing director, Kobus van der Westhuizen.

Partnerships between the two companies and between other top-tier logistics providers are growing to form eco-systems that unlock efficiencies and lower the cost of goods transportation.

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