Serco helps SPAR with load securing challenge

Serco, in conjunction with its load securing partner Loadlok, has developed a captive shoring system for SPAR in the Western Cape.

The prototype system has been on trial in a 16-tonne truck body for several months. Now, there are plans for further pilot projects with one of the retailer’s other distribution centres.

Securing of loads is an ongoing challenge for transporters, particularly where rolltainers are introduced in place of, or combined with, palletised goods.

SPAR has been investigating various solutions to improve the securing of loads in their trucks due to the shortcomings in conventional shoring bars.

Serco’s key account manager, Colin Atkinson, says conventional shoring systems are often inconvenient to operate and there is no place for the bars to be stored when not in use. They are thus often removed from the bodies and get misplaced or damaged.

The captive shoring system introduced by Serco cannot be removed from the vehicle, is simple to use and is very versatile.

In the new design, the aluminium shoring bars are fixed to the inner sides of the body and travel along a surface mounted on a horizontal rail. Vertical tracks include a special turntable to enable the bars to be stowed above the load thus eliminating any need for them to be removed.

Transport Manager of SPAR in the Western Cape, Liza Boonzaier, says the system has proved to be very successful in their truck. “We are currently considering installing it in more of our vehicles,” she states.


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