Sasekani Manzini declares war on potholes

Sasekani Manzini follows City of Joburg lead

Mpumalanga Public Works, Roads and Transport MEC, Sasekani Manzini, will use her Budget Vote Speech on Tuesday this week to launch a “massive” war on potholes programme.

Dubbed ‘Sidudula amapotholes’, the programme will be launched at Road D1723 in Msogwaba, Mbombela.

“The objective of this programme is to aggressively attend to potholes across the provincial road network, working together with all our social partners, municipalities, government agencies, private sector and communities themselves.

“Partnerships are going to be the bedrock of this programme.”

”Due to climate change and lack of regular maintenance as a result of limited funding, many of our roads are under distress and potholes have surfaced as a result.

“A pothole is a symptom of a more structural damage to a road and patching is always understood as a necessary but short-term intervention,” said the provincial government on Monday.

According to the Road Asset Management System (RAMS), Mpumalanga has a total road network of more than 13 855 kilometres.

Of these, 39% (5 459 km) are paved (tarred), 61% (8 396 km) are unpaved (gravel) and 14% are coal haul roads. –

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