Ngilo Best Skilled Driver at UD Extra Mile Challenge

SA well represented at UD Extra Mile Challenge

UD fleet driver, Alfred Ngilo from Clover in KwaZulu-Natal, was named the Best Skilled Driver at the UD Extra Mile Challenge driver competition, which was held at the UD Experience Centre in Ageo, Japan.

Although Ngilo didn’t win the overall title, he did South Africa proud in a global competition that helps fleet customers get the most out of their UD products and services.

The competition is aimed at improving driving skills and reducing both costs and downtime and is based on three key elements; pre-inspection, fuel efficiency and safety, and drivability.

During the competition, drivers using the same UD Quester model had to compete in a simulated transport delivery cycle, and subsequently, the winning team from Malaysia delivered the highest profitability statistics.

“The UD Extra Mile Challenge is not just a driving competition, but it also provides a great opportunity for drivers to test and hone their skills, refine their strengths and ‘go the extra mile,’ says Kishi Nobuhiko, UD Trucks senior vice president of Brand and Product.

Earlier this year, Ngilo won the local leg of the competition by outperforming 20 other participants, which resulted in him participating in the Japan finals.

“Through the UD Extra Mile Challenge, we aim to help enhance driver capability and reinforce confidence in their own abilities, but also in the UD Trucks products they drive every day,” said Gert Swanepoel, acting vice president of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

“We are very proud of Alfred’s fantastic performance – he certainly was a great ambassador for his company and his country!”

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