MiX Vision gets two extra cameras for increased visibility

MiX Vision given two extra eyes

The addition of two more cameras to MiX Vision – by MiX Telematics – can be mounted externally, allowing one to monitor and record activities that occur around vehicles, for improved driver safety and visual evidence.

“Our customers have been asking us to support more cameras for some time now,” says Catherine Lewis, executive vice president of Technology at MiX Telematics.

“By investing in the additional, optional cameras, users can now access a wider range of footage, which will prove invaluable for those wanting to enhance driver behaviour, improve safety and reduce costs from false allegations,” she adds.

The cameras are dust- and water-proof, and complement the tamper-proof in-cab unit, which has a road-facing camera as well as an infrared driver-facing camera.

This allows for simultaneous capturing of road- and in-cab video footage linked to a user-defined event.

Extended high-resolution videos are available on demand, offering visual evidence before, during and after an event occurs. This provides full transparency and objectivity to fleet operators.

MiX Vision integrates into the company’s premium fleet management solution.

“This means one complete offering, one installation, one contract and one service provider,” explains Lewis.

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