Monday, December 11, 2017


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Legislation news and information pertinent to road transport operators in South Africa and the Southern African region. Road transport, be it freight or passenger in nature, exists within a detailed and sometimes complex legislative framework. All transport operators need to be aware of the comprehensive legislation that policies the industry in Southern Africa. The purpose of this category is to raise awareness of any changes and amendments to road transport laws/legislation/policies in South Africa and the greater Southern Africa region. Content in this category is informative and educational in nature. It includes quotes from transport legislation experts, law enforcement agencies and the Department of Transport (DoT). Much of the content in this category refers back to various Acts and stipulations that govern the industry in South Africa. The primary document, of course, is the National Road Traffic Act (NRTA), which all operators must be familiar and compliant with. Road transport operators should check back here frequently to stay abreast of the legislative environment in which they work.

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