Isuzu Trucks hopeful of better 2017

Isuzu Trucks to persist with winning recipe

“We’re full of hope for 2017, with 2015 and 2016 having been tough, horrible years in the trucking industry, in business, in economics, and also politically – everything that drives the factors,” says Craig Uren, chief operations officer at Isuzu Trucks South Africa.

“I’ve got hope that 2017 will be a little bit better than 2016. Realistically, things are not all well in our economy and in our country. GDP levels have been negative and, if we’re lucky, will come in at half a percent this year.
“In 2017 we might be looking at 1% GDP growth or maybe a little more. We are hopeful and have many expectations but, realistically, that’s where we are.
“There is not a huge amount of growth to look forward to, unfortunately, and that is the reality. Our expectations need to be tempered on the market.
“We’ll be looking to do a lot more with the recipe that has been good for us in the years leading up to 2017. That is, replacing customer trucks with low cost of operation, with trucks that make them money. That is a critical driver for sustainable business.
“If we can continue doing that for our customers, I think we can rely on them to support us and they can rely on Isuzu Trucks to support them in the endeavour to run sustainable, profitable, successful enterprises.”
What did Uren make of the company’s performance in 2016? Listen below to find out!

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