Hino customer experience shines

“We are very proud of our achievements in terms of improving Hino customer experience over the past few years,” says Ernie Trautmann, vice president of Hino South Africa.

“Everybody concerned is lifting the game and we are pleased to see continuing positive results in the various research surveys conducted this year,” adds Trautmann.

“Hino South Africa was also given special awards from Hino Motors Japan as parts and service dealer of the year for the third year in a row. Very few distributors get the “double” in one year, so receiving the “double” for three successive years is exceptional.

“Hino is putting increased focus on its after sales parts and service operations as well as enhancing the sales experience and we have been rewarded with average scores of more than our target of 97.5 index points on a scale of 100 for all these aspects in the latest Scott Byers Comparative Customer Satisfaction Monitor.”

The Hino parts warranty of two years if a franchised dealer installs the part is proving popular with customers. This initiative is now being backed up with a Kaizen (continuous improvement) programme to widen the spread of parts stocked by individual dealers with less depth in stock due to the efficiency and quick supply from the parts distribution centre to replenish dealer stock.

The programme, headed up by a dedicated person at the Hino SA head office, is being piloted in three dealers presently and is proving so successful that it will be rolled out to the entire network of 66 dealers to the benefit of Hino customers.

The recent 4% price reduction across the range of Hino replacement and service parts is another contributor to assisting customers to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

The countrywide network of Hino dealers is also doing its bit to improve the customer experience with their own initiatives, which includes after-hour servicing – evenings and at the weekend – as well as operating mobile units which permit servicing on-site at customer premises.

Hino SA strength is the very good relationship that exists between the dealer and Hino head office. This resulted in Hino being given the No.1 rating among truck OEMs for the second year running in the recent NADA Dealer Service Index rankings.

The main driver of Hino’s global sales growth is the company’s international Total Support strategy which builds strong relationships between Hino Motors in Japan, its suppliers and distributors and Hino South Africa, which, in turn, concentrates on its relationships with the dealer network and their customers.

Hino SA and its dealers participate in many events with their customers as part of Total Support and so far, this year these activities have included the annual Nampo agricultural show, supporting the RFA convention as well as activating good citizen initiatives such as delivering water to drought-stricken Beaufort West and stock feed to farmers in areas of the country affected by the long drought.

Hino driver training programme

Above: Expanding the truck driver training programme, which has included employing an additional trainer, has been welcomed by customers and 377 drivers from 39 companies underwent theoretical and practical training in the first seven months of 2018.

The programme is based on that operated by Hino in Japan and customers benefit by trained drivers recording better fuel consumption figures with less damage to trucks.

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