Fuel, lubes and oils

Fuel lubes and oil news, events and information for road transporters in Southern Africa.

Editorial articles on various commercial vehicle and bus fuels, oil and lubes, including product developments within the sector and how these can benefit road transport operators.

This category looks specifically at products and services, events, industry trends and developments. The category is designed to help operations managers and technical managers keep up with developments in this rapidly evolving space.

This category reveals how transport companies in Southern Africa can use fuel lubes and oil products and services to maintain their assets and save money.

The category includes pictures and videos pertinent to the topic and includes insights from leaders in the field. We look at synthetics and non-synthetics, mineral oils, additives and Adblue.

Using the right fuels, lubes and oils can prolong engine life and keep trucks and buses out of the workshop and on the roads of Southern Africa.