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Telematics news, events, information and editorial articles on various vehicle telematics issues and developments within the road transport sector in Southern Africa and abroad. This is a sub-category of Fleet Management and looks specifically at products and services, events, industry trends and developments. The category is designed to help fleet managers and fleet controllers keep up with developments in this rapidly evolving space. Telematics is growing fast around the world and Southern Africa is no different. This category reveals how transport companies in Southern Africa can use technology to improve their operations and save money. The category includes pictures and videos pertinent to the topic and includes insights from leaders in the field. We look at adoption rates and the different use cases of this exciting technology as it develops. As the world digitises, so the need for transport data and insight becomes more valued. Expect this category to flourish with it.

Cartrack subscriber base up 17% in South Africa

Cartrack subscriber base swells Cartrack says the Cartrack subscriber base has grown 19% in the year ending February 2017, despite a challenging environment. “Exchange rate volatility...

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