Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Fleet Management (FM) news, information, events and editorial articles on various fleet management issues affecting and assisting the road transport sector in Southern Africa and abroad. The fleet management category encompasses everything – from finance and finance methods to vehicle selection to maintenance, fuel, and driver management, operational control, planning, execution management, administration and license renewals and more. FM is a broad and diverse topic and this category is a testament to that fact. Content here is varied and covers new technologies, products and services and opinions from industry experts. Designed for fleet managers and fleet controllers, the category is designed to assist individuals and companies within the road transport industry optimise their operations, become more fuel efficient, safer and/or increase their depth of operational insight. As the pressure to become more productive - while using fewer resources in road transport mounts - the FM category will likely become more and more important to operators with every passing day.
Michelin North America

Michelin enters telematics space with NexTraq buy

Michelin, NexTraq share road safety synergies Michelin has agreed to acquire NexTraq, a North American provider of commercial fleet telematics, in an all-cash transaction. Based in...

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