Dairy Day inks fresh Isuzu Trucks deal

Dairy Day acquires fleet of 50 Isuzu trucks

“Dairy Day’s investment in this fleet will not only reduce and ring-fence our distribution costs but also create huge brand awareness for our branded products such as Honeydew,” says Dairy Day CEO, Paul Marshall.

Forty-five old trucks of various makes were traded in against the Isuzu Trucks in a complex deal that included underwriting of residual values. Negotiations were initiated in February 2016 with Wesbank supporting the transaction.

Three body builders were contracted to supply the refrigerated cargo bodies which are designed to last two economic cycles of four years each, with the original body being transferred to a new Isuzu trucks chassis after four years.

Specially designed one-to-two-third split and sealing rear doors are fitted with plastic curtaining. The refrigerated cargo bodies are equipped with Thermo King cooling units that can be coupled into electrical power for nighttime refrigeration.

Onboard telematics tracks the temperature inside the refrigerated cargo bodies. In addition, telematics allows Dairy Day to split engine fuel consumption from the fuel drawn to power the Thermo King refrigeration unit.

Over 90% of the fleet is equipped with automated manual transmissions (AMT).

Dairy Day has a 15 000m2 facility on the N3 highway near Howick that can process 600 000 litres of fresh milk every day.

Karkloof Country Club was the scene for the official launch handover.

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