Cummins Power Generation sheds light on safety

Safety processes and procedures must be integrated with operational processes

To ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply, residential homes, industries and commerce are turning to Cummins Power Generation.

“An often-overlooked issue is the impact of power outages on safety,” says Kenny Gaynor, director of Cummins Power Generation at Cummins Southern Africa.

Critical safety processes depend entirely on the presence of a reliable, uninterrupted power supply.

It is imperative that companies update their safety files and procedures to accommodate additional measures in the event of power outages, given the frequency of power interruptions in the past year.

Furthermore, safety processes and procedures must be integrated with operational processes, with crucial consideration given to what additional requirements are introduced in the event of a power failure.

Issues such as a sudden power dip can cause machinery to shut down and automatically reset and any unsafe human intervention must be controlled. Compromised safety process can place employees and members of the public at significant Health and Safety risks.

“One can imagine the risks associated with an underground mine that experiences a power outage and the headgear, lift shaft and ventilation systems are unable to operate effectively as a result,” says Gaynor.

Cummins can design, supply and construct a backup power generation system tailored to any type of business. Security of power is assured and production losses minified.

Critical benefits include the seamless continuation of operations and processes, be it in a manufacturing environment or hospital theatre.

Cummins Power Generation solutions come into play in two scenarios: where there is no grid power in remote areas and where there is an unreliable grid network.

It says the cost of backup power generation pales into insignificance when one considers the impact of power outages on a business or Government institution.

Generally, the cost of alternative or complementary power generation will always be higher than the base load utility power generation.

Cummins provides a range of both diesel and gas-powered generators with individual stand-alone units from 8 kVA to 3750 kVA.

The company holds parts on hand for any planned or unplanned intervention that may be necessary from time to time.

Crucial to effective Cummins Power Generation systems are the continuous, reliable and ready supply of parts for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

The company also partners with other technology developers such as solar, to create power generation in hybrid platforms that can reduce fuel costs and contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment.

As a responsible global and South African company, Cummins urges consumers to think, plan and action energy efficiency measures to eradicate unnecessary electricity use and waste.

“The easiest, quickest and cheapest form of expansion in the provision of electrical power is to reduce power wastage and improve energy efficiency going forward. This form of organic generation is virtually free, and importantly, also emissions free.

“And remember, safety first,” he urges.

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