Cummins demonstrates virtual reality at PEWA 2017

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Cummins steps into new dimension

Cummins demonstrated a virtual reality training and marketing device at the Power & Electricity World Africa (PEWA) Exhibition in Sandton last week.

With two sets of goggles and a headset, visitors to the company’s exhibit were taken on a simulated, 3D tour of a data centre.

Viewers could see various products, including the recently launched QSK95 Series generator sets.

The QSK95 is designed and engineered for critical applications that demand a robust, reliable source of power such as hospitals, sports stadiums, office buildings and data centres.

“This device has been engineered for use in training and education, providing a very new and dynamic teaching experience,” said Kenny Gaynor, director of Power Generation for Cummins Southern Africa.

“Innovation is about unlocking and unleashing new ways of thinking, doing and delivering against a background of continuous improvement,” he adds.

The company also showcased its remote monitoring capabilities.

This technology provides support for equipment via the cloud, relieving pressure from the local source.

It provides real-time data from a controller via a cellphone or email, alerting the customer by providing information that predicts future problems and power outages.

Downtime or maintenance issues can then be prevented and scheduled accordingly.

Typical applications for remote monitoring include maintenance, multi-building businesses that are controlled by one data centre, telecommunications, banking, hospitals and franchisee businesses.

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