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Crossroads Distribution helps kids avoid accidents

Crossroads Distribution
Sophakama Primary School learning about road safety with Crossroads and the Road Freight Association's Safety For All campaign

Crossroads Distribution teams up with RFA

Crossroads Distribution visited Sophakama Primary School in Milnerton, Western Cape on 16 May 2017, to help promote the Road Freight Association’s (RFA) Safety For All campaign.

Previously disadvantaged and underprivileged children are particularly vulnerable when crossing roads because they are easily distracted. Their small size also makes them susceptible to sustaining life-threatening injuries.

“Safety For All was launched in 2014,” says Arend du Preez, managing director of Crossroads.

“Crossroads has heartily backed this campaign because of the benefits to so many communities across South Africa.

“We have many drivers on the roads every day – particularly in the area around Du Noon.

“It’s of the utmost importance that children are made aware of road safety and know how to keep themselves safe when crossing roads, particularly in disadvantaged areas, where many kids travel home from school without adult supervision.

“It’s a situation that places the children in rural and disadvantaged communities particularly at risk and makes it more important for us to focus our education efforts there.

“Having the Captain Safety mascot and other fun teaching aids helps to make the event enjoyable for the kids,” he adds.

The project aims to teach learners in disadvantaged communities how to stay safe on the roads.

The second phase of the programme kicked off in 2015, which saw the introduction of the Road Safety curriculum, which includes training manuals and other teaching aids.

These aids include mats painted with roads, houses and street signs for children to play on using toy cars.

The curriculum contains 11 modules delivered by trained educators.

Captain Safety, a special RFA mascot, also attended the day’s activities at Sophakama Primary School.

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