Monday, December 11, 2017


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Cross-border transport news, designed for intra-Africa road transport operators in South Africa and the Southern Africa region. This news category covers all relevant cross-border road transport information that affects the road transport industry in Southern Africa, be it road freight or passenger/long-distance coach transport. It is of particular importance to those transport operators who operate vehicles and businesses within and outside the confines of South Africa's borders. The category includes news of cross-border road transport events, pictures and videos, infographics and opinion pieces by intra-Africa transport experts. The aim of the category is to uncover exactly what is happening in this niche within the road transport industry and how its unique challenges can be dealt with. The category includes news and updates from truck and bus operators, interviews and statements from various governments and their law enforcement agencies, border control measures and technologies, border procedures, and the role of SARS, the BMA and CBRTA.

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