Continental tyres collecting data from Dakar winners

Rough terrain dealt with

ally teams of KAMAZ-Master have won the Dakar Rally 2017 and the Africa Eco Race 2017, two of the world’s most challenging desert races, on Continental tyres.

The two cross-border rallies marked the beginning of a product cooperation between the tyre supplier and the Russian KAMAZ-Master rally team, whose race and support trucks were fitted with the branded rubber.

Winning driver Eduard Nikolaev and his crew finished the final stage of the Dakar Rally 2017 with a 19-minute advantage, while another KAMAZ-master team led by Dmitry Sotnikov took second place.

“We didn’t experience any tyre problems during the race. It was the Continental tyres that led us to victory after the first week of the race,” commented Nikolaev.

“The second half of the Dakar was the turning point that virtually determined our teams’ first and second places in the truck category’s general ranking. Thanks to the great performance of the tyres, we didn’t lose time on tyre changes like our rivals did,” he explained.

The Africa Eco Race 2017 was won by Andrey Karginov’s crew in the truck category, while Sergey Kuprianov’s team finished fourth.

Data obtained during the races will go towards further development of Continental tyres.

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The KAMAZ-Master rally team was founded in 1988 and is the truck manufacturer’s only team to successfully compete at international races for Russia. Its drivers have participated in the transcontinental Dakar Rally since 1990.

This year the team won the challenging race for the 14th time. It is also a three-time winner of the World Off-Road Rally Cup and four-time winner of the Silk Way Rally.

KAMAZ-Master is a frequent winner of various national Russian races as well, although not always using Continental tyres.

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