Continental Tyre SA turns 70

Local operation acquired by Continental AG in 1998

Originally founded as a joint venture between General Tire International in the US and the local Williams Hunt Group, the General Tire and Rubber Company South Africa was officially registered in January 1947.

“The 70th anniversary for Continental Tyre SA is a proud achievement for the company, and for all our people that have helped us reach this chapter in our history,” says Shaun Uys, managing director of CTSA.

“Over the past seven decades, the company has expanded significantly, meeting the growing demand for Continental and General Tire-branded products in the original equipment and replacement tyre sectors,” he adds.”Our Port Elizabeth plant has benefitted from investments and upgrades with almost R1-billion spent over the past five years in various technologies, production processes and tooling.”

These investments facilitated the expansion beyond the traditional automotive segment to produce a new range of commercial speciality tyres for heavy-duty mining and earthmoving applications to meet the needs of the industrial sector.

According to Continental Tyre SA, it has enabled the company to improve its environmental sustainability by lowering its CO2emissions, cutting back on energy and water consumption and reducing the amount of waste generated.

A special laurel wreath logo was recently created to celebrate the occasion. “The logo was chosen as a symbol of success and triumph,” Uys says.

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